1. Broken Trust

From the recording Jams made with love

Words & Music Anthony Short
Copyright 2014.

Anthony Short - Guitar & Vocals
Bret Neilson - Drums & Background Noise


If I can't say it to your face
Then it ain't worth saying it behind your back
If you are not there to save your own face
Then I ain't ever gonna say nothing to disgrace it

Living in a world today
Where people think its ok
To say something that
You would never say to someones face
Damage that this does
All the broken trust

Look into their eyes
Hear all the things that were said about you
How you gonna feel about that?
How you gonna feel about that?
All the damage that's been done
All the broken trust

I would rather be surrounded by the ones
Those that have got the guts
To stand up and say
Anything you want to my face
Because though it may hurt to hear those words I
I only want to hear them from you

And if it's all truth and not lies
Damage may be done
But if it's all truth no lies
There will be no damage done
Be no damage done,
Be no damage done.