From the recording Jams made with love

Words & Music Anthony Short
Copyright 2014.

Anthony Short - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Mark Hannay - Drums.


Well it's just gone past the clock of midnight
And it's too late to be out on these streets all alone
But we're brave & courageous and we'll take anything on
Even the MF's over there with the guns & knives
Because we are brave we will take any MF on

Look out that one he's pointing his gun at you
Look out that MF is pointing his gun at you
Duck, hide, duck, hide
He's got a gun and he's pointing it at you
Duck or hide

Somebody has taken that man out
He was the only one with a gun
All the others they have just got knives
I think we can make them
We can make them run, make them run
For their fucking lives

Because we've got the courage
And we are brave
And we're coming now, coming now
Look at those MF's run
We are coming now
Look at those MF's run

We've got it all to ourselves now.