1. You

From the recording The Heaving

Words & Music Anthony Short
Copyright 1998.

This version recorded 2017.

Anthony Short - Vocals & Guitar
Bret Neilson - Drums
Steve Haggarty - Bass Guitar


My hands are tied and my lips are fired
I've got a burning desire I gotta to be with you
I don't know why, but I've got this fire
Burning inside that says I gotta be with you

Yeah, you, yeah, you
I've gotta be, gotta be with you

So I pick up the phone and put it down again
My mind keeps thinking about the messages that you send
Spin my world upside down
Light of my life without you I'm so, so down

Without you, yeah, you
Yeah, I've gotta be, gotta be with you
Yeah you

Is it a game you're playing
Yeah, well I can play it too
Well I'll just keep saying
That I only want to be with you

I took my chance last Friday night
At The Meek & Mild we shared a bottle of wine
We're taking it slow, oh but here we go
The babe I want she now loves me so
And I love you

Yeah, you
Yeah, I've gotta be, gotta be with you
You, yeah I love you