1. I'm An Outlaw

From the recording Jams made with love

Words & Music Anthony Short
Copyright 2016.

Anthony Short - Vocals & Guitar
Evan Carter - Drums
Dunc Hannay - Handsonic


I ride
Horseback through the desert
6 String shooter by my side
All the time
800 rounds of ammunition
I have

I'm ready, ready, ready
I'm an outlaw
I'm an outlaw

And I ride
All alone through the desert
I ride all alone through the desert
I'm an outlaw
I'm an outlaw

And I'm riding through the desert
I aint seeking trouble
But it always finds me
It always finds me

I'm an outlaw in the desert
I ride alone
I don't want to be responsible for anyone
Hey if I get killed, well that's OK
Cause I got nobody, nobody

I'm just an outlaw
Nobody really cares about me
I'm just an outlaw
I don't live no dream
I don't live no dream
I rob, I steal for everything
I'm an outlaw
I gotta beg, borrow, steal, rob
I don't got a lot, I don't got a lot