1. You'll See

From the recording The Heaving

Words & Music Anthony Short
Copyright 1998.

This version recorded 1999.

Anthony Short - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar


So you think that there's nothing that you can't handle
But there will be things and you will see you just can't handle
One of them is me and the others you'll see
Hold on to your pure times

You'll be poisoned in your mind sometime
You'll be poisoned by your own kind sometime
You'll see
Yeah you'll see

You'll be loved and the lust that you had it will leave you
And you'll be crushed that the one that you loved didn't need you
Hold on to what you've got it my not be a lot but it needs you
Can you see what you've got?

You will soon be left behind sometime
The one you love will move and find another man
You will soon be left behind, yes you will
The one you love is going to move and find some other plans
You'll See
You're gonna see
You'll see

So hold on to you; well I've gotta hold on
Hold on to what you have
Hold on to what you've got