1. King Trump

From the recording Jams made with love

Words & Music Anthony Short
Copyright 2016.

Anthony Short - Vocals & Electric Guitar
Dunc Hannay - Drums


People, the people like to hear me tell the story about how I'm a self made prosperous man
People, the people like it when I talk a lot about myself and how I got here
I walk around like I own the town
Well, hey, I do
I walk around like I own the town
I'm always smiling
Opinions about everything
But know nothing
Well, maybe I know something
But I don't know as much as I profess to do
And there are so many things that I haven't told you
Well one of them
I'm not actually a self made billionaire
I came from lots of wealth
In fact, my daddy was a rich king of property
But my dysfunctional mind , my dysfunctional mind
Set me on the path to greatness, greatness
So here I am, I'm gonna be the next President of The United States
That might shock a lot of people out there
But that shit just might/did happen
Then I'll be King Trump, King Trump
And you'll be gambling everywhere
Just like me
You'll be gambling everywhere
Just like me
I'll make you see
Look what could happen
When you roll the dice
You could be
The next President of the United States of America
Just look at me
I rolled the dice

And I'm not too proud to finally admit
That I'm not that clever after all
But I've sure got balls, sure got balls
And I'm The King
It's Trumps World
I'm The King, I'm The King
And I rolled the dice
Rolled the dice.