From the recording At The Club

Words Anthony Short
Music Anthony Short & Mario Biagini
Copyright 2012.

Anthony Short - Vocals & Guitar
Mario Biagini - Electric Guitar
Evan Carter - Drums


"Hey Mr Pink, have you seen Mr White?"
"He was with Mr Orange.....last I saw, they were cutting off a police officers ear"
"Why would you go and do that to a policeman?"
"Well, that's just the way Mr Orange is."
"He's a little bit crazy"

The other guys have gone to get wolf
He's the man to sort these issues out
Mr White & Mr Orange
Tried to take matters into their own hands
By removing a police officers ear

It was meant to be the greatest heist in the world
But it all went wrong and came unfurled
And now a policeman has lost an ear
And Mr Orange has lost his main gear
The gear that resides behind his eyes between his ears
And Mr White's amazed
Doesn't know what to say
He fears that he might be next
So he just goes along with it

Wolf, hurry up and sort these issues out
Wolf, hurry up and sort these issues out
We're going to go, we're going to go
Down to the reservoir.