1. Postcards

From the recording The Heaving

Words & Music Anthony Short
Copyright 1999.

Anthony Short - Vocals & Electric Guitar
Bret Neilson - Drums
Paul Ansell - Anthony Short
Steve Haggarty - Bass Guitar


Greetings to you my friends
One hundred hellos to you back there

Here it’s cold enough to freeze the devil
The houses here are odd they’re all so level
I wish that you could’ve joined me on my travels
You should travel soon

I hope that you are all well
And home is treating you well

Well yesterday I caught a train to Russia
Moscow is so cold and the Kremlin is a treasure
I wish you all could see the faces and the places
Hope you can travel soon

Next week I’ll be lounging out in Morocco
And the stories that I’ve heard all say the locals are little bit loco, loco
I’ll be sure to let you know just what happens
I’ll write again real soon