From the recording Point Of View

Words & Music Anthony Short
Copyright 2003.

Anthony Short - Vocals & Guitar
Bret Neilson - Drums
Paul Ansell - Lead Guitar
Steve Haggarty - Bass Guitar


Should have seen him waking up this morning
Stretching and yawning
Trying to keep the light out
The light out of his eyes

He reached over, hit snooze
Drifted off to sleep again

Another ten minutes
The alarm goes off again
His eyes are struck wide open
And the light rushes in

He has breakfast, cup of coffee
Not much time to think
Before he’s out the door

He catches the bus to work
It’s his only chance to catch the news
He reads the letters to the editor
To get another point of view

Today is different, he is surprised

His eyes have met another’s
He is reminded of another life
She’s a former lover who could have been his wife
They broke up long ago but neither knows why

As eyes meet, they look away
And both look back again
And they smile

Just Another Day.