From the recording Brilliant Society

Words & Music Anthony Short
Bass Introduction - Steve Haggarty
Copyright 2012.

Anthony Short - Vocals & Electric Guitar
Bret Neilson - Drums
Steve Haggarty - Bass Guitar


Dust In The Air

What do you stand for, you over there?
That house you live in towers up in the air
At night there's a cold wind snapping at a fire
At the gates of your tower

That house on the hill it shines in the sun
At night it rises to remind everyone
All that you own, all that you keep
And the methods you used to make yourself a king

If I could walk in your shoes for one day
I'd spend all that time instructing change
I'd tear down the walls that are keeping you safe
I'd leave you with nothing but a pocket full of change
I'd rewrite the stories that say you are great
Open the sewer gates and expose your ways
Yes I would, yes I would, yes I would

The gates of your empire are gathering rust
There's a cold wind snapping away all the dust
You're gonna be left like the ones man
That you don't care for
All your possessions are gonna be dust in the air
Dust In The Air.

Words & Music Anthony Short
Copyright 2012.